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SiteKreator Pricing & Packages

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Start a free trial

Start a free trial

Start a free trial
Price & Setup
$19.95 / month$39.95 / month$79.95 / month


Design Library
100+ customizable designs150+ customizable designs200+ customizable designs
Text & Images
File Area
Visitor Statistics
Image Galleries
HTML Snippets
Web Forms
Stock Image Library
Mailing List
Member Areas

Email YesYesYes
Response Time1

Domain YesYesYes
Storage Space
1,000MB standard storage2,000MB redundant storage4,000MB redundant storage
Peak Throughput
2,000 visitors per hour100,000 visitors per hour100,000 visitors per hour
Email Hosting
5 email addresses20 email addresses, unlimited aliases40 email addresses, unlimited aliases

*  The email response time valid Monday-Friday from 9AM to 6PM PST.

All Packages Include

    • Award winning Interface all sites feature the same intuitive editing interface. You can add and update content with unparalleled ease.
    • Separate draft and published states of your site content make changes behind the scene while your visitors continue to see the latest published version. When ready publish changes with a click.
    • Independent content and site design   change designs and make visual adjustments as many times as you need your content is safe.
    • Enterprise class hosting each site is integrated with high performance global hosting ensuring fast load times even in peak traffic.

Optional Upgrades
  1. Dedicated IP $50 per year
  2. SSL certificate $30 per year
  3. SSL certificate installation (requires Dedicated IP) $120 per year
  4. Additional 5 mailboxes $50 per year
  5. Additional Domain $15 per year
  6. Additional 1 GB storage $5 per month

For more information please contact our Customer Support at (310) 728-6363 or email us at

Sales Terms: All paid plans are month to month or year to year. All sales are final. You can upgrade or change your plan from Control Panel > My Account  > Change Plan. Once you are on one of our paid plans, you will be billed monthly/annually until you cancel. You can cancel anytime from Control Panel > My Account > Cancel Billing. In order to avoid the next billing, the cancellation should be submitted at least 7 days prior to the next billing.