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Hosted Quickbooks will save you time, energy (and money) by using exactly the same QuickBooks interface you use on your local PC. 


Hosted Quickbooks

Hosted Quickbooks can reduce your expenses, and increase your productivity. The ability to work from anywhere, anytime, with a single source for all of your data allows you to:

  • reduce your travel time and expenses
  • simplify PC maintenance


Additionally, for CPAs QuickBooks hosting allows:

  • increased client satisfaction with remote support
  • additional revenue stream for your business through reselling our services
  • increased efficiency through access to live company files

QuickBooks remote access solutions vary greatly.
Below, weve attempted to answer some of your questions about the difference between using QuickBooks Hosting, QuickBooks Online Edition, and other remote access solutions.

  • QuickBooks Online Edition is a totally different version of Quickbooks. It is different than QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise. Hosted Quickbooks provides you access to the QuickBooks version you have purchased.
  • QuickBooks Online Edition only allows one remote user at a time. Hosted QuickBooks Hosting allows access to multiple licensed users at the same time.
  • QuickBooks Online Edition does not offer the full features of QuickBooks. Hosted QuickBooks offers every feature available with QuickBooks. Some features not available in the on-line edition include:
    -Purchase orders
    -Inventory tracking
     -Sales order tracking
     -Job costing or estimating
     -Customized price levels
     -Integration with ACT!, Word, or Outlook,
     -Online bill payment
     -Payroll input
     -Support for multiple companies in one subscription, and
     -Business plans
  • QuickBooks Online Edition does not allow user add-ons. Hosted QuickBooks currently supports most QuickBooks add-ons and we are regularly increasing the number of supported programs.