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Companies growing at greater than 10 percent per year with multiple locations were nearly two times as likely to  move software and infrastructure to the cloud.


Source: MarketingBridge

Customer and Channel
 Adoption of Cloud Computing Solutions


Cloud Services

The cloud is hotter than ever before. Everywhere you look there’s an article or blog touting the virtues of the cloud, and creating “cloud envy” in the process. But the latest trends in technology aren’t always the best ones for your business. How do you know for sure? With our deep technical expertise and over ## years of IT experience, Edit Solutions is uniquely qualified to assess your cloud-readiness. With a plethora of available cloud solutions, we’ll help you decide which will be most effective in supporting your business.


Are You Ready for the Cloud?

When it comes to technology, nowhere else is the line between want and need such a thin one. The truth is many factors have to be considered when evaluating cloud computing. Its success varies from company to company, and the necessity of it depends on aspects unique to your business. Technician consultants at Edit Solutions can ensure a move to the cloud is not only the right one for you, but also a successful one by evaluating your current environment and assessing both technical and business factors including:

  • Business model                                 
  • End-user requirements
  • Business continuity
  • Physical location of your workforce
  • Maintenance
  • Compliance and risk management

What Does Your Cloud Look Like?
With Edit Solutions, it looks like a cloud designed specifically for your business. Once we determine whether the cloud can support your business model and other requirements, Edit Solutions helps navigate the “cloud” landscape to determine what type of cloud – public, private, or hybrid – is the best choice based on your needs. Our consultants help develop a strategy for implementing your own applications in the cloud, or employing any of the Edit Solutions series of cloud-based solutions including:


  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange
  • Online Backup
  • Web hosting
  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint
  • Cloud-based phone solution
  • Hosted Quickbooks
  • Colocation and data center services

Is a move to the cloud right for you? If so, when? With our experience and knowledge of this new, cutting-edge technology, Edit Solutions is ready to help you decide.