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Edward Umali, President and Co-Founder


One conversation with Ed Umali, and youíll have a tough time believing he hasnít always worked in IT. Thatís because Ed is the kind of person who makes it a point to learn everything there is to know about anything he applies his considerable talents to.


Prior to staking out his own ground in the IT world by becoming an IT consultant and co-founder of Edit Solutions, Ed was Vice President of Operations at CytRx Corporation, a publicly traded biotech company in Southern California. While there, he was directly responsible for managing the companyís information systems, human resources, investor relations, corporate communications, website and two facilities in Los Angeles and San Diego.


Before CytRx, he was Managing Director at The Kriegsman Group, a boutique investment bank, where he focused on biotech and information technology, providing research services and due diligence for medical and biotech clients. A former Navy reservist with bachelor's degrees in business administration and psychology from Loyola Marymount University, Ed currently serves as President of the LMU Alumni Board of Directors.


Michael Ascolese, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder


Anyone who says IT consultants are made and not born obviously hasnít met Michael Ascolese. In his 16 years as an IT consultant, Michael has helped start several IT consulting firms, including his first company in 1995. He developed his consulting experience working with companies like Tendo Communications (who designed and built the Cisco Systems website). 


During that time, Michael was able to get a glimpse of the future and at the same time gain unique insight on where the industry was heading. 


In 2001 Michael partnered with Momentum Consulting, developing an affordable proactive solution-based service business for small to medium sized businesses, which have always been near and dear to his heart.


In 2010, Michael co-founded Edit Technology Solutions, an IT firm focused on the next generation of business solutions.