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IT Consulting

Almost anyone with a passing knowledge of computers can call themselves an IT consultant. The challenge becomes finding one that wonít try to sell you a pre-packaged solution that doesnít even address your issue, and who also isnít limited by their own lack of experience. The wrong choice can and does do more damage than good.


The way we approach consulting is different than our competitors. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we wonít even begin the discussion about technology before we have a thorough understanding of your business and your goals. Itís this exhaustive, expansive deep dive into a wide variety of industries, technologies and industry standard processes that give us the background to provide exactly the right solutions to maximize your current and future business.


Edit's IT Consulting Services offers businesses the technical knowledge they need for either a successful deployment or expansion of their IT infrastructure. Whether itís computer network infrastructure design and engineering, Virtual Networks, Microsoft Exchange consulting or mobile and wireless technologies, we have a broad range of services and solutions to fit your specific situation. And they all come with our proven commitment to tangible results, as well as lowering overall IT related costs for deployment and support.